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* all positions require weekend and closing shift availability 

* full time (35+ hours/week) employees are eligible for health insurance benefits

sandwich maker


This position works as part of the front of house team to provide the highest quality food and service to our customers both on the cash register and the sandwich line.



  • Maintain store presentation and cleanliness

  • Greet customers and provide information on menu items, specials, etc

  • Ensure orders are correct in person and over the phone

  • Keep paper goods, retail items, and ingredients stocked and FIFO’d

  • Memorize sandwich and salad menu to prepare food quickly and accurately

  • Maintain cleanliness of sandwich line and perform downtime side tasks

  • Communicate with shift supervisor throughout shift and ask for help when needed

  • Wash dishes when needed


Starting Pay: $15/hr

kitchen prep

This position works in the back of house to prepare most ingredients on the Rybread menu as well as provide support to the front of house when needed. Candidates must be fully trained as sandwich makers first before moving into kitchen prep (3-4 weeks).



  • Maintain kitchen cleanliness, organization and servsafe practices

  • Use standardized recipes for quality and consistency. Prevent waste by working efficiently and paying attention to details

  • Accept inventory orders and put away according to FIFO

  • Take stock of ingredients and create a prep list for the day that reflects sales patterns and pars determined by kitchen manager (do not over- or under-prep)

  • Execute prep list independently in a timely manner and communicate with supervisor and team throughout shift

  • Take orders over the phone, wash dishes, and assist front of house as needed

Starting Pay: $16/hr

shift supervisor

Shift supervisors lead the entire store team (front and back of house) throughout their shift and enforce the highest standard of customer service, quality control, and cleanliness. Candidates must be fully trained in sandwich making and kitchen prep before moving on to shift supervisor.



  • Thoroughly knowledgeable in all above positions

  • Expedite tickets to a team of up to four sandwich makers during the busiest hours of operation

  • Support cashiers and sandwich makers by cleaning, restocking and helping prep drinks and food when busy

  • Keep other shift supervisors and store managers up to date on daily sales, staff performance, and overall store efficiency

  • Take notes on shifts and review them at weekly managers’ meetings

  • Educate staff about specials, inventory updates, new store practices and policies, etc

  • Follow store opening and closing guidelines accurately and consistently

Starting Pay: $17/hr


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